29.01.2013 - 

EURAMET team members have met from 18 - 20 January 2013 in Malacky / Slovakia for a Team Meeting and Refresher Training.[more]

17.04.2012 - 

The brand-new EURAMET Layman's Report is now online.[more]

17.04.2012 - 

The final EURAMET SOPs (version 1.7, status 31 December 2011) are online. [more]

Welcome to euramet.

European Aerial Medical Evacuation Team

is a project initiated by the German non‐governmental organization The Johanniter International Assistance in partnership with Samaritan Austria, Samaritan Slovakia and the Government of the Austrian Federal State Styria, Department for civil protection, crisis management and defense. It aims is to develop a medical evacuation unit EURAMET for immediate repatriation of affected European citizens from disaster areas in‐ and outside of Europe.

This project was selected for co-funding by the European Commission, Civil Protection Mechanism, under Preparatory Action 2009 and was officially launched on 1 January 2010.

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